The diversity and versatility of the shag haircut is the main reason for its widespread popularity. One of the most pleasant things about this cut is that it never looks the same, as we all have different hair types and lengths. Plus, every lady can choose her own base for the shag, giving her stylist directions regarding the cutting technique.

Though shag cuts are all unique and different, they all have one aim – to work on one’s texture, shape up the overall silhouette, and simply improve one’s haircut. By improving, we mean adding layers and involving texturizing that builds voluminous, sophisticated body.

Before customizing your own shag, you should know how different they can be and what to expect from its popular variations. We’ve selected the most versatile ideas for short, medium, and long hair so that you can get inspired before your next salon appointment.

Short Shag Haircuts

Let’s start with the shorter versions of shag haircuts. Whether you want to make your bob more advantageous or you want to add some liveliness to your pixie, these ideas will match your preferences.

Short Shaggy Bob For Thin Locks

Nothing goes better with bobs than short shag haircuts. They are not only pretty easy and to achieve; the result is always fresh and easy to style. Ladies with thin hair can ask their stylists to shape up the ends of the top layer: it will add more lift to the crown and spice up a short bob with a new, lovely texture.

Short Messy Bob With Standout Texture

What is a shag haircut? It’s a great canvas to your imagination, and that’s it! You are the one who regulates the layering, feathering, and texturizing of your cut, deciding whether you want choppy ends or not. We want you to show how you can beautify your simple bob: look at how the classic short haircut has improved with just a soft touch of layering. The body is full, and the wavy silhouette is lively and dramatic.

Layered Shaggy Bob With Feathered Ends

The modern shag haircut has no limits: it can be as sharp, edgy, and dramatic as you please. One of the most versatile and eye-catching ways of getting a shag is to focus on the ends. You can make your hair look fuller, embellishing it with pointed ends. A simple feathering is all you need; it won’t take a lot of time, yet will make your hairstyles pop.

Lightweight Shag Cut For Thick Curly Bob

Curly shag haircut is different than curly bob haircut. Well, only ladies who fight with coarse, bouncy locks every single morning know the difference. The truth is, your shag can tame your curly texture, giving it a more manageable, lightweight body, thus making you feel comfy with your locks and helping you to reach easy styling routine.

Choppy Bob Cut With Balayage

Choppy bob haircut seems to be another definition for volumetric haircuts. When giving you a choppy cut, your stylist changes the thickness of your locks one by one to make each strand super airy. Also, to enhance such a lift-up effect, he or she can offer you to try classic balayage that will highlight the movement of your hair.

Shaggy Pixie With Side Fringe For Fine Hair

Pixie haircut has always been the number one salvation for unruly fine hair. So if you are about to find a perfect shag haircut for fine hair, don’t look any further shaggy pixie. First of all, the soft texturizing will make volume stay longer. Secondly, this idea features bangs which means it can frame up your face with little gentle layers.

Medium Shag Haircut

When we have no idea what our style should be, we usually cut our hair medium. It just so happens that medium hair length is one of the most flexible and versatile options ever. Feels like you are tired with it? See how a shag haircut can sort things out.

Blunt Cut With Choppy Layers

No wonder that the majority of medium shag haircuts feature choppy layers. It’s no secret that messy and tousled silhouettes are the thing of today. Moreover, layers, whatever they are, can save your hair from falling flat, always keeping a well-groomed, presentable look.

Feathered Brunette Shag With Long Side Bangs

When it comes to choosing a shag for medium hair length, shag haircut with bangs is the first thing that comes to hairdressers’ minds. Who would’ve thought that a simple mid cut could turn into a chic, edgy style once you add some choppy layers to it and finish it with bangs? Volumetric waves that move so lovely and the face-framing side fringe are enough to take your cut to the next level.

Soft Wavy Blonde Shag

Carefree beachy waves that can be seen from a mile away, while melting gently with one another, is the beauty dream of all women. Well, congratulations! You can replace loads of salt sprays with just a shag haircut. Wave your hair softly, working with a flat iron and running your fingers through your hair, and your hair will look like you’ve just left the sunny beach.

Medium Bob With Light Ends And Thick Bangs

How do you like the idea of contrastive textures? Ladies who are tired with fine hair styling mornings can lighten up the texture of their hair, leaving bangs as thick and full as possible. Such an approach will provide you with comfortable styling, making your locks behave, and giving a fresh, accentuating touch that falls on your brows.

Tousled And Shaggy Bob With Waves

One thing about the shag haircut that you should always keep in mind is that there are no hair color restrictions. It can be a blonde base with dimensional balayage, rainbow-colored chevelure, or a rich chestnut hair color like the idea above: the cut will create an unbelievable tousled look with charming movement in your hair, regardless of the color you sport. A tip: wave your shag to make it even more eye-catching.

Messy Haphazard Medium Cut

As you might have noticed from their appearance, haphazard haircuts involve various lengths with many different layers. The shorter ones build the voluminous body; the longer layers give the needed movement. Together, they produce a stunning messy look that just needs to be stolen.

Long Shag Haircuts

Now, it’s time to see how you can add some edge to your long chevelure. Instead of cutting your hair short and yielding to the changes completely, you can just shape up your ends or crown and freshen up your look without length loss. See how it works!

Long Wavy Blonde Shag With Bangs

Unfortunately, despite all our attempts to make volume stay longer, flat looks are inevitable when styling long hair. Yet, long shag hairstyles are an exception: such cuts look at long locks from totally different perspective. Once you opt for slight layers on the midway and frame your brows with thin bangs, you will see your long hair in a new light.

Texturized Loose Wavy Long Shag

Let’s be honest, the waterfall of gentle waves that fall on your shoulders is to die for. And we all get envious when we see a girl with cute and full wavy hair. Luckily, we all can look that glorious! Just call your stylist and ask for a long shag haircut. Let the ends texturizing do the talking.

Long Choppy Shag With Feathers

Nothing looks more flirty and sexy than long feathered hair. If you choose this cutting technique, you will be surprised by the difference. Feathers don’t cut the length, they work on the ends, making them pop by moving from layer to layer. In this way, you can keep your favorite length, while getting a graduated, modern cut.

Razored Shag With Curtain Bangs

While the classic shag haircut is achieved with scissors, you can go for a more distinctive and contemporary look of a razored shag. To complement this idea, it’s better to combine it with curtain bangs of the same thickness. As for styling, nothing can compare to its wavy variation: everything is so effortless and seamless!

Long Wavy Shag For Thin Hair

Swirling layers and edgy ends can really say goodbye to your weak, thinner locks. Yes, when dealing with hair that lacks volume, texturizing is crucial. But don’t worry: it will volume up each strand, working on the ends only.

Long Choppy Shag With Thin Bangs

Has your hair ever had a twisty look like this? The hair is noticeably full, and each wave stands out in its own, choppy way. Isn’t that a truly perfect look that every thick chevelure deserves? Pair it with a thin curtain bang and be ready to catch people’s eyes.

Now that you know how many shag variations there are, including those that you can design yourself, it’s time for you to give one of them a try. A shag haircut is all about getting the most of your texture and taking your cut to the next level. Let the upgrade into your life!


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