15 Jaw-Dropping Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyles with loose locks are generally very flattering for round faces. Straight tresses on both sides of your face cover it partially, and it seems narrower. Besides, they create long vertical lines next to your cute full face, elongating it visually to your advantage. Waves and curls also conceal the fullness of a round face, although they shouldn’t make any excessive volume on the sides.

Centre parting is another no-no for round faces. In short, you should avoid any symmetry and rounded shapes in favor of asymmetry and vertical/diagonal lines. It can be, for instance, a long bob with hair tucked behind your ear on one side and long tresses freely falling on your face on the other. So, the two major rules of long hairstyles for round faces are avoidance of centre parting and excessively voluminous ‘dos.

Long Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Highlights in long hair are a good solution for added vertical lines in your hairstyles. Besides, they look very chic and can accentuate your eyes or make your skin look fresher. Highlights are more visible and showy on perfectly straight hair. Therefore, straightening your hair with a flat iron regularly is an optimal styling solution for ladies with round faces. Don’t forget to use thermal protection products.

Celebrities with round faces often sport curls on the red carpet. You can easily recreate this tendency, but remember to keep in mind the following nuances. Curls on long hair for round faces look fabulous if they begin at the mid length or are done only at the ends. At the roots hair needs to be slightly teased. Remember to shy away from excessive volume.

1: Soft Wavy Hair

A long bob is always flattering for women with rounds faces, but most especially when it’s parted to the side. The side part shifts the focal point away from the roundness of your face and makes it appear more oval. To get natural-looking waves, consider scrunching with some gel or cream, towel-drying your hair, or using a curling iron.

Soft Wavy Hair

2: Balayage with Layers

If you have thin hair and you want it to appear fuller, you can add lighter highlights and a few loose curls. For this long layered look, part your hair to the side and curl away from your face. This will create a gorgeous side-swept look.

Balayage with Layers

3: Chic Mermaid

Long haircuts for round faces, as well as hairstyles and hair colors, don’t have to be boring. Be fearless with a mermaid hairstyle. Here, maroon roots stretch below the ears and then shift to a bright tropical blend of orange and red. Finish the look off with a deep maroon lip color and a cat eye.

Chic Mermaid

4: Blush-Blonde

Thick hair looks great long and curled, as seen on countless Victoria’s Secret models, but make it more unique. Blend a blonde and light violet color for a feminine and pinkish look – and don’t be afraid to complete your style with matching makeup.


5: Long Haircut without Bangs

To achieve this long layered cut, ask for layers that start at your chin, especially if you’d like to add more dimension to thin hair. Long hairstyles for round faces do elongate your face. For a bold color, copper looks great on olive or tan skin.

Long Haircut without Bangs

6: Strawberry Twist

Love your natural color, but want a new style? Try a medium-to-long cut with layers. This lucky lady has a natural strawberry blonde shade that is slightly enhanced by subtle highlights. The effect of interspersed waves can be achieved with a large-barrel curling iron.

Strawberry Twist

7: Medium-Length Curly Hair

Winged eyeliner is great for women with circular faces. It tends to balance out the softer features. Just add balayage and soft curls and you’ll be ready for a night out with your pals or a night in with your bae. If you have compromised (or damaged) hair, you should ask your stylist for tips to regain healthy locks.

Medium-Length Curly Hair

8: Purple-Painted Blonde

One of the easiest ways to update your long haircut for round faces – without losing the layers or the side part – is by changing your color. Purple is the new pink – and it will compliment your feminine features.

Purple-Painted Blonde

9: Natural Curls Bumped Up

Embrace your #CurlPower. If you have a round face and naturally curly hair, add some depth with a front bump. Go big – and go bold – with caramel brown highlights and a bright pink lip color. If you want to enhance your eyebrows, make sure you keep the natural arch.

Natural Curls Bumped Up

10: Side-Swept with Bangs

Long hairstyles for round faces can go with or without bangs. Long side-swept bangs create a slimming effect and make your face appear more oval. This coloring is great for women looking to “go blonde” while still keeping their naturally dark brown base.

Side-Swept with Bangs

11: Long and Luxurious Balayage

With long haircuts, you want to make sure you don’t add too much volume, because it will make your face seem wider than it is. This style is a perfectly light and luxurious choice. The layers are long and great for braiding.

Long and Luxurious Balayage

12: Sun-Kissed Rapunzel Hair

Mother Nature gifted you with hair; make it a fashion statement. With super long hair, you can take advantage of different colors using a melting effect. This sun-kissed style is a show-stopper.

Sun-Kissed Rapunzel Hair

13: Curly Blonde with a Side Part

Side parts should be a part of all long haircuts for round faces, because they really do balance out the shape of your face. Want to add curls without adding too much volume? Start at the chin and let the curls cascade down the front.

Curly Blonde with a Side Part

14: Straight-Forward Blonde

Blending ash blonde and light brown creates a gorgeous coloring for straight hair, especially if you want to draw attention to your brown eyes and brown eyebrows. Let your hair fall from your part, too, and it will break up the symmetry that usually doesn’t flatter a round face.

Straight-Forward Blonde

15: Ginger for Long Hair

This bright, bold ginger color looks great on women with thick hair and olive skin. Who says you can’t be a modern-day Ariel? Your best color matches are black, white, blue and green. Another great addition to this style is the drastic and flirty layers.

Ginger for Long Hair

Now that you are more or less certain about the most complementary hairstyles for your face shape, discover what bangs lengths and styles will suit you in the imaginative gallery of bangs for round face. Medium hairstyles for round faces are also full of smart ideas you may successfully adopt for your length.

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