A shag haircut is what everyone needs these days. We are not trying to exaggerate here, in no case. The thing is that this hairstyle is timeless and limitless, no matter which length you prefer or what type of hair you have – there will always be a suitable option for you! What is more, this type of haircut is also flattering to all the face shapes. Looking for a shaggy hairstyle for round face? You have come to the right place we have it covered as well as many more! Besides, this is the time and place you learn that shag and layered cuts are different. They are cut in different ways, while layered cuts are cut in even rows, shag ones are all about different-sized sections of hair. To cut a long story short – if you are looking for something modern and new, shag cut is there for you! So let’s have a closer look, shall we?

1. Pixie Shag Haircut

Among the many haircut styles, short ones are on the top. The reason why people aim for getting a shorter cut is various but mainly because they are stylish, trendy and easy to maintain. A pixie shag is not an exception except for the fact that it can literarily suit anyone. Not matter fine or curly or thick hair you have a pixie shag will flatter you. Besides, ladies who are dying to add a modern vibe to their looks will definitely appreciate these fabulous cuts. Short shaggy pixie comes in many styles, side-swept, shorter, longer, dark-colored, light-colored, and highlighted – it allows you to take a pick and create your own, individual look. If you like to keep your hair short, you should better try this style out.

2. Long Pixie Shag Haircut

A long pixie shag haircut has a lot to offer to even the most demanding babes. That is, you can get all you need with this haircut: more movement, more texture, and more carefree vibes.

3. Short Bob Shag Haircut

We really love these short bob shag haircut ideas. If you want to style your shag bob this way, just apply curl-boosting styling mousse to your clean, wet tresses. Then blow dry them and finish with hair spray.

4. Bob Haircut

It goes without saying that out of all the haircuts for women bob ones are the most popular. But the time does not stand still, and fresh trends appear with every season that is why a classy bob as we knew it is long gone. Modernized versions of it appeared, and now they are conquering the red carpets and city streets. That is why if you do not wish to stay behind the trend you should better consider getting a shaggy bob haircut right now. The thing is that shag bobs are what you need to spice your everyday look up with. Dissolve your polished look with a touch of messiness and a hint of edginess!

5. Long Bob Haircut

Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair are what you need to tame that mane of yours. We all know that dealing with thick hair may be problematic at times but the beauty of a shag cut lies in its ability to add exquisite texture to the hair and to bring it to the new level of low-maintenance and that can’t but bring joy to our hearts. What is more, you can always experiment with fresh colors since there is no way a depth that a shag cut grants the color will ever ruin it!

6. A-line Shaggy Bob

It wouldn’t be a secret to anyone that A-line bobs are extremely required these days. Of course, the number of variations this style comes with is impressive, but since we promised to take you to the world of shaggy bob haircuts, we must admit that A-line bobs can be shaggy as well. The primary purpose of an A-line bob is not only to add up some style to your general outlook but also to enhance your features and take care of all the flaws that bother you. That is, the addition of many layers can grant you the necessary volume while at the same time it can deal with naturally thick hair so that the thickness does not bother you. Consider your requirements and opt for a shaggy A-line bob to look stylish and irresistible at the same time!

7. Shoulder Length Shag Haircut

Why that shoulder shag haircut is so unique that we devoted an entire chapter to it? Well, to be a 100% honest with you, it is very easy to mistake a shoulder shag for a long one, but the difference lies in length itself. While there is no precise definition how long the long shag is a shoulder one clarifies the length accurately. But that is not what makes this type of hag so special; the main difference lies in the ability to come up with a shoulder shag that is like no one else’s. The thing is that you can variate the number of layers, their length and intensity on your own and thus you can create your own distinctive hairstyle. Not to mention the number of experiments you can succeed with while playing around with colors. Use your imagination!

8. Medium Shag Haircut

Medium shaggy bob is not only fashionable-looking, but it is also fun to play around with. The thing is that medium length and the variety of layers grants you that advantage of experimenting with different ways of wearing your hair, while there are not that many issues to face that owners of longer shags may deal with. Even the slightest touch of waving will change your look dramatically no to mention the hair-dyeing techniques. Use these ideas to your advantage and do not be afraid to create something on your own!

9. Long Shag Haircut

When the sunny weather comes, it is only natural that all the ladies wish to let their locks loose and look their absolute best. The perfect way to achieve that natural and slightly messy and careless look is to add a fresh shag cut to your long hair. As you may already know shags are all-flattering, but that is not the end of the list of all the advantages. They are absolutely gorgeous in their versatility and outstandingly easy to style, all you need to do is to add some beach waves to your mane, and you are ready to rock and roll. Isn’t this just amazing? Do not forget that no one dismissed the color experimentations!

10. Shag Haircut For Blonde Girls

Shag haircuts are not about colors; they’re about edgy twists, texture, volume, and messiness. And that only means one thing: ladies with any hair color will get a ravishing look if they go for shags. As for blondes, if you’re one of them, look at these stunning pics. This is how stunningly your blonde hair can look.

11. Shag Haircut For Dark Hair

Shag haircuts can turn your hair into a real masterpiece. Of course, dark hair isn’t an exception! Whether you flaunt with your natural chestnut hair color or it’s dyed black, there’s no way these cuts won’t show off the beauty of your locks. To enhance the charm of your shag, ask your hairstylist for balayage.

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