Mental Health In The Workplace

For employees, they usually take half time at the company per day. The employee’s mental health is closely related to the company, which contains workplace stress, burnout, career direction, the sense of affiliation in the organization, and interpersonal relationships affinity sense. Today, we will simply glance at what factors influencing the mental health of employees and how to improve their mental health.

What impacts the mental health of employees?

Office environment

The office environment to some extent affects the comfort index. For example, in the open office environment, the company originally wants to contact their employees easier and realize forgiveness and openness through this kind of arrangement. However, this environment may cause a psychological burden to employees. They think this arrangement can’t protect their privacy to own a separate workplace from others. If many people sitting around one person, she(he) may feel anxious when she(he) wants to take a rest for a while after working long hours.

Office atmosphere also impacts the employee’s mental health, such as organizational conflict, office politics, or just plain drama. They make employees lose the sense of affiliation in the organization. Maybe office politic is common at a highly competitive company. But this atmosphere would lead to a cold relationship that is not good for building mutual trust within the organization.

Organizational culture: If an organization just focus on performance management, but ignore employee’s happiness. The employees may think their work makes no sense and lose a person’s self-worth at this organization.


The temperament is different per employee. Some introverts are not as social but hope to integrate into the organization inside. The other colleagues or leaders can’t know him better, which causes inefficient communication. If things continue this way, the employees would feel alone at his organization. Besides temperament, workplace bullying, sexual harassment and sexism would lead to huge psychological trauma or fear.

Pressure from Work

Overwork is the greatest resource of pressure at the workplace, which may lead to an employee’s negative attitude toward work. There are lots of issues needed to deal with within a limited time, and the employees can’t get enough rest.

Single assignment makes the employees think their work is dull. However, multiple works make the employees no longer cope with this demanding job. Both of them would cause burnout.

Each employee expects to get returns from work. If the employees think they are not treated fairly, they will get in stuck. This creates incredible pressure for the employees.

Feeling of satisfaction and controlling

  • The employees only accept the assignments passively without idea expressing. They will think they have no say in this organization. An employee without the right to make any decision will feel helpless.
  • Company never makes its aim clear. The employees only focus on the missions at hand, but they don’t know the direction and how to move forward. This may lead to the employees’self doubt.
  • If the assignments are out of employees’ability, they can’t finish them well. The feeling of controlling means employees think that they could be capable of this job. If a leader doesn’t arrange assignments properly, then the sense of “self-efficacy” would be reduced.

Support from company

Physical health and security is the base of employee’s mental health. A healthy and safe workplace can make the employees work with ease.

Support of the company is an important factor that can help employees to resolve the pressure of work. Without psychological support from the company, the employees can’t speak out their problems that lead to much pressure. If the company can give them proper attention and approval, the employee’s mental health would be improved.

Work-life balance

The employees are parts of many relationships including the workplaces and family members. If the company doesn’t consider their needs for work-life balance, the employees would fall into a dilemma when they have kinds of pressure from work and family.

How to improve employees mental health?

On the one hand, the company should follow the below advice:

  • According to the organization structure and culture, an enterprise should create a good workplace and atmosphere.
  • Design professional Employee Assistance Program to conduct training and counseling of mental health.
  • Pay more attention to employee’s happiness and take to act.

On the other hand, the employees should also learn to adjust emotions and attitude toward work. Try to solve the problems optimistically and keep a healthy lifestyle. Hope all the employees can work in the atmosphere they prefer.



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