Try These New Hairstyles

I tend to get bored with my hair pretty easily, therefore I am always looking for new hairstyles to try out. Since it’s all about braids this year I’m jumping at the chance to try out the Rainbow Fish braid. I’m usually a bit hesitant to go for a vintage look because it seems so complicated, but the adorable ’40s style makes it look like a cinch. So come on and try these new hairstyles out with me!
1.Two FishTail Braids

2.Heart Braid

3.Braid Rose

4.For Hiding Greasy Bangs

5.Beach Waves

6.Double Dutch Braids

7.Fishtail Braid

8.Ribbon woven into a french braid

9.Braid and fishtail combo

10.Five-strand side braid

11.French fishtail plait

12.Ladder braid

13.Long two-strand twist

14.Half-up fishtail

15.Rope braid

16. Braid within a braid

17.S-shaped braid updo

18.rainbow fish braid


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